Our Eco Initiatives

As an environment friendly focused hotel we intend to cut back on Carbon emissions through our Green Charter.

We are very aware of our footprint upon the environment and are striving to reduce this. As proud supporters of the UNESCO Biosphere in Galloway we are working with them to create a sustainable model for economic growth within a rural environment. Whilst not exhaustive here are some of the changes we have implemented:

  • Use of low energy lightbulbs throughout with LED’s currently being replaced in the rooms. Motion sensitive lights are in the corridors and card activated electricity is supplied to the rooms

  • Source locally produced food including milk from Galloway Smokehouse, Roan’s dairy, Cream O Galloway and Rowan Glen and free range eggs from Glen Kens. Our beef, venison, pork and fish are all sourced from D&G. 75% of our food provisions by value are sourced from a 40 mile radius.

  • Our electricity supply is powered through 100% renewable energy sources and our central heating/hot water is part supplied through a biomass boiler.

  • We use refillable toiletries in our bathrooms and toilets

  • We collect rain water to re-use for the window boxes

  • Our cooking oil is recycled

  • A communal fridge and water dispenser is provided to reduce electricity consumption within each room and minimise plastic waste.

To support us in reducing our environmental impact guests can:

  • Reduce water usage through shorter showers and turning off the tap when brushing teeth

  • Only request a change of towels when required

  • Turn heating off or down in your rooms when not required

  • Remove the hotel cards from the card holder to turn off electricity when you go out